I’ve been selling restored Buffalo Nickels on eBay since 2004 and I finally decided it was time for my own website. Within this website, I’ll give you a little history lesson on Buffalo Nickels, I’ll tell you a little bit about me (boring!), how I got started on restoring Buffalo Nickels, and I’ll talk about the restoration process I employ to create the final product you see me selling on eBay. There’s a photo gallery of some nice restorations and I’ve even invented a grading system for these restored nickels as well.

I’ve named my website “Buffalo Reincarnations” because that’s kind of what I do. I take dateless, worn out, practically worthless Buffalo Nickels and I breathe new life back into them. Not every dateless, worn out Buffalo Nickel can be restored to the pleasing appearance of those nickels you see in my weekly eBay listings. There are many, many factors that determine whether a nickel is even a candidate for restoration, and the vast majority of nickels that I acquire never make it to eBay.

Although restored nickels are my primary focus, you will occasionally see me selling original date nickels on eBay, as well.  This happens because, in order to keep myself supplied with dateless nickels, I occasionally have to buy large nickel lots that also contain some dated nickels.  It’s a necessary evil, but it does give me the opportunity to acquire some coins that often find their way into complete Buffalo Nickel sets.  As of 06/09/2009, I have sold 54 complete Buffalo Nickel sets on ebay.  The four or five big keys in the sets are usually restored, so that helps make the sets pretty affordable.  You can usually count on me to sell about one set per month, so check my eBay sales regularly if you’re interested in acquiring one of these full sets.

If you’re wondering what one of my restored nickels looks like, up close and personal, don’t hesitate to click my email address in the lower right and ask for a free sample.

Thanks for visiting!