Lagiqq Hotel

Lagiqq is the perfect blend of the newly emerging trend of Video Poker, American Gambling Culture and the glamour of Las Vegas. The hotel is now a place where celebrities and working class gamblers have come together to play poker and other games.

Lagiqq has grown from a small casino to a diverse casino with approximately 1.5 million square feet of gaming floor space. Today, Lagiqq is a destination for Americans who want to participate in the excitement of winning at the world’s largest card game while having an experience unlike any other in Las Vegas.

Not only can you find players here but also enjoy many of the advantages offered by the “Winners Club.” In addition to being eligible for a six-figure check to becoming a “Lagiqq Winner,” the Club includes exclusive Members Only sales, special discounts on high-end food and beverage, on-site spa treatments, weekly specials and so much more.

With the constant change in casino culture and the influx of foreign-born gamblers into Vegas, it is imperative to preserve the integrity of the established casino culture. Lagiqq is committed to the preservation of the aura of the history-filled Las Vegas casino culture. With a value like the “Winners Club,” you would expect nothing less.

You can try your luck at all of the exciting game types at Lagiqq, including the popular blackjack and Texas Hold’em. Whether you’re a veteran at the poker table or just want to have a little fun, there is something for everyone at Lagiqq. And the resort is open year round, no matter what the weather.

Lagiqq also offers other casino games like roulette, slot machines, keno, dominoes, low-stakes craps, baccarat, blackjack, video poker, casino slots, and more. There are several non-gambling games available for adults that entertain you without the need to get drunk or tip your drinks. Many of these games are played indoors as well, which offers you more of a secluded atmosphere.

Guests at Lagiqq can enjoy cocktails, live entertainment, games, dinners, and all the necessities of a Las Vegas casino vacation, all while staying in style and comfort. Not only do you have your own room, but also your own private pool and hot tub, with lounge and indoor basketball courts. You can relax and enjoy a private pool with your loved ones, have a snack and a few rounds of tennis before heading home, or watch a game in the poker room.

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, you should definitely consider a stay at Lagiqq. You will not only be able to enjoy the peaceful solitude of the Big Black, but you can also take advantage of the exciting gambling and social atmosphere of the world’s largest casino. What more could you ask for?

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